Painless Time Tracking.

Looks great on every device
  • Keep track of your time - effortless
  • Ideal for every developer, designer or freelancer
  • Integrates into your workflow - stay in "the zone"
  • Not another cloud service - just your data on your PC

Visual timesheets

Colorful visual timesheets make it easy for you to see at a glance what you've accomplished so far. Changing your timesheet couldn't be easier. Just click and drag with your mouse to adjust times or allocate it to a category.


Less distraction

Your work is more important than time tracking! Therefore PulseDo is designed to disturb your workflow as little as possible.

Use its fuzzy search to quickly find the right category for categorizing your time. With its on-the-fly category creation there is no need for tedious upfront setup of projects or tasks. Just create new (sub-)categories whenever you need them. Click to see it in action.

There is also a global windows hotkey so you don't have to leave your favorite application.

Thinks for you

Never forget to track your time. Unobtrusive messages remind you if you haven't started the timer or haven't changed it for a while.

No need to stop time tracking when you have a break. PulseDo automatically detects when you are not using your PC.



Your own data

Contrary to many other time tracking solutions PulseDo saves your data only on your PC instead of a third-party server - No internet connection needed. We strongly believe this is the only way to securely store your and your clients sensitive data.

On top of its excellent report functionalities PulseDo also offers a export functionality to allow you to access your data in any way you want (e.g. further analysis, creation of invoices, ...)